Rafael Rodríguez Castro

Civil Engineer & Project Manager


Rafael Rodríguez Castro

Civil Engineer & Project Manager

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My name is Rafael Rodríguez. I embarked on my engineering journey in 2011 and successfully completed my Bachelor's degree, culminating with a noteworthy thesis entitled “Underground car park in A Guarda street” situated in the town of Tui (Pontevedra, Spain).

Subsequently, I pursued a specialization in Project Management through a Master's degree, which I concluded in the second quarter of 2017 with the defense of my Master's Thesis “tImprovement plan for a leader company in Civil Engineering based on the Project Management methodology”. Which also was presented at the the 22nd International congress on Project Management and Engineering in Madrid on July 18th.

Currently, I hold the position of Constructión Manager at PLAINTECa construction company specializing in a wide range of projects. Including new construction and also residential rehabilitation, contract and retail projects as well as public works.

In my role, I am responsible for planning the contracted works, ensuring quality assurance, stakeholder management, and implementing Earned Value Management (EVM) to oversee costs, schedules, and technical scope. I also integrate risk assessment to evaluate progress against a predefined baseline, utilizing this information to identify potential issues and forecast costs at completion.


2017 - Master’s degree in Project Management by the University of Santiago de Compostela.

2016 - Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering by the University of Santiago de Compostela.

2010 - HND: Electronic Product Development (Electronic Maintenance).


Lifting Platforms OSHA and Operation (8h).

Occupational risk prevention course in construction works (60h).

Building finishes for Site Managers (45h).

Introduction BIM modeling using TEKLA STRUCTURES (ENG/RBD).

Data preventión Officer (DPO) - (DPR 2018) (60h).

Project management through Agile® and Lean approaches. 

PMP® & CAPM® trainee course.

MATLAB® applications for Civil engineering.

CAD 2D with Bentley Microstation V8i.

Prevention of occupational hazards course.

English language immersion course.



In my role as Construction Manager I am responsible for the execution of construction projects in residential, contract, retail and also public works. 

y duties include a detailed analysis of construction projects, breaking it down into work blocks for subsequent contracting. involves the search for suppliers and subcontractors, creating comparative analyses, managing contracts and thoroughly reviewing invoices, as well as organizing the diferent tasks during execution, among other duties. Additionally, I am in charge of liaising with the site management, HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment), and the property.

Furthermore, I collaborate with the foreman to coordinate works and supervise the various subcontractors involved in the projects. This entails monitoring deadlines and costs as well as a thorough review of quality and finishes..


As the engineer in charge of the works and excavation division within the J.A.L. group, my responsibilities ranged from overseeing earthmoving works to the construction of retaining walls, both rockfill and masonry.

My tasks included coordinating the personnel under my supervision, as well as the planning of machinery assigned to the ongoing works and contracts. I was responsible for deadline control, work quality assessment, certification and cost analysis. In summary, my focus was on ensuring the fulfillment of the scope of assigned works.


As Site Manager at Citanias, I oversaw the execution of construction and remodeling projects for Retail spaces, as well as public and private building works.

Among my responsibilities were identifying and selecting suppliers, subcontracting various work packages, organizing different trades, and developing and monitoring the construction schedule during execution. This ensured smooth and effective coordination in each phase of the project with site management, the client, and the promoter, aligning the objectives and interests of all parties involved in different projects.

In collaboration with the site supervisor, I supervised the work of various subcontractors involved in projects, ensuring quality and efficiency. My primary role focused on ensuring compliance with the scope triangle in terms of schedule, quality, and cost.


As an Engineer in the Building Department at Enmacosa, my responsibilities focused on conducting feasibility studies, pathology assessments, and structural rehabilitation.

I was also responsible for damage protocol development, evaluation, and detailed analysis of unique structures. My work included on-site evaluation of executed structures, meticulously comparing data obtained in the field with the original project documentation.

Additionally, I modeled the structure using matrix calculation programs and finite element models, allowing for a precise assessment of project feasibility and strengths.


2020 - 2021: Vialia Estación Vigo Shopping Center 

In my role as Site Manager, my responsibilities focused on controlling Lot 08 - Pavements (€1,491,464.84) and Lot 11 - Ventilated Facades (€2,907,624.89) at the Vialia Vigo Shopping Center, carried out by Nhood (Auchan Group).

During the construction, through a detailed project analysis, omissions were detected, and solutions were proposed, generating contradictory prices amounting to €1,597,519.05 between both lots. This resulted in a total budget managed of €5,996,608.78.

My main functions included organizing contracted trades and ongoing work, managing a team of 65 people during peak construction. I also handled communication with the Execution Management, Technical Assistance Engineering, Safety and Health Coordination, etc.

Additionally, I was responsible for finding suppliers, attending various site meetings, and overall ensuring compliance with the scope triangle in terms of cost, schedule, and quality to guarantee viability at each project phase.

2021 - 2022: Hines Real State Promotion - Acciona 395 Housing Valdevebas.

As a Technician responsible for the execution of ventilated façades for a residential development of 395 homes, developed by ACCIONA in Valdebebas, Madrid, my responsibilities included coordinating in-house and subcontracted personnel, making purchases and orders, and certifying and reviewing invoices, among other tasks.

The completed envelope had a total budget exceeding 2.8 million euros, comprising three buildings and a central community urbanization area. The façades consisted of a mixed solution of uniquely designed extruded aluminum slats, along with StacBond and Larson composite panels in three tones, strategically installed on alternating floors. This aimed to achieve a distinctive vision and high-quality finishes for the development.


For a period of one year and a quarter, I held the position of Site Manager at a small construction company in Vigo specializing in sports facilities and public works. My main functions included organizing and planning tasks for various contracted projects and monitoring their execution.

This involved creating detailed schedules and monitoring the progress of different subcontracted trades. I also handled communication with the client and/or supervisory management, measurement and monthly certification, and various report submissions.

In close collaboration with the estimation department, I contributed to the drafting of bids for tender, defining project scope, and analyzing the project thoroughly to determine the execution timeline and estimated cost.


For 1 year and 9 months, I worked as a Project Manager at Zubia Ingenieros. Among my regular tasks was the completion of projects of various types within the civil engineering framework, team coordination, and client contact from contract to project closure. This included planning, change control, quality assurance, and stakeholder management.

As an engineer, I was responsible for calculating concrete and steel structures, both in buildings and unique structures (overpasses, viaducts, etc.), using matrix calculation programs, finite element models, and proprietary spreadsheets.

Simultaneously, I periodically reviewed the contracting profile of different administrations and drafted technical and economic offers for published tenders.

One of my accomplishments was implementing a KANBAN® system for organizing different projects, creating various forms for project performance tracking, change request control, etc. Additionally, I created a proprietary database cross-referenced with market prices from some of the company's main suppliers.


As part of the Project Management Master's program, I completed an internship as an Engineer at Eptisa's Technical Office in Lugo. During this period, I collaborated with the Water and Environment department in the development and coordination of projects, notably the expansion of Stolt Sea Farm S.A.'s aquaculture facilities in Cervo, Lugo.

I also conducted an improvement plan in the planning and task tracking area of Eptisa's office as a Master's Thesis project. The goal was to increase productivity through the combined application of traditional Project Management methodology (PMBOK) and Scrum techniques.

This work was presented during the CIDIP 2018 - XXII International Congress on Project Management organized by AEIPRO and IPMA in Madrid.


IFor a period of 7 months, I served as a programming instructor, conducting extracurricular activities focused on Scratch and providing an introduction to robotics using Arduino-based kits in the municipality of Lugo.

Additionally, I took on the role of a sales representative for the northern region of Galicia. Among the highlights of my management was the successful expansion of activities for the 2016/2017 academic year in the provinces of Lugo and A Coruña.


During the third year of my Engineering degree, I enjoyed an internship thanks to the CRUE-CEPYME program of Banco Santander. During this period, I worked as a technician in the telecommunications department at INDESNOR, contributing to the monitoring, control, and documentation of FTTH projects in Tenerife.

My responsibilities included report preparation, technical documentation writing, and the creation of 2D plans using AutoCAD, Microstation, and ArcGIS.


During the gap between completing my electronics HND and starting my university career, I worked as a specialized technician in the assembly and repair of TV-SAT (Canal+) and Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT) systems. I also installed satellite and UHF antennas during a 6-month period.


I completed my on-the-job training corresponding my HND studies on an SMD assembly line at A.M.M.I. Technologies. I performed tasks under the direct supervision of the PICK&PLACE phase supervisor and in the optical inspection department, intervening and manually repairing products to ensure their functionality and quality.

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